It's About Time

When I was thirteen I discovered my first blog on the internet and I vowed I would create one one day. I even attempted to create one the summer before my freshman year of high school. It was a mess, had one blog post, and I swore to never speak of it again. I'm giving it a shot again and hoping it will be a lot less of a hot mess (although let's be real, I'm a mess in general, but first I'm a mess then I'm a messiah, so it works out, right?). ANYWAYS, I guess I should give some background as to who I am.

My name is Sydney and I'm an 18 and a half year old who has the style of a 30 something year old and the love for One Direction like a 12 year old. I constantly find myself shopping at Gap, Old Navy, and the Limited and thinking, "Wow, I am becoming my mother", which is actually a wonderful thing and on the other hand, I went to a 1D concert and out screamed the 8 year old next to me when I saw Harry Styles. Apart from soccer mom aesthetics and teenage heartthrobs, I am currently finishing up my freshman year at George Mason University where I am pursuing a BA in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations (I know, WHAT a mouthful) and a minor in the language of my dreams, Spanish.
I grew up an Army brat and as a result I am from nowhere and everywhere all at once. My parents are currently stationed in Hawaii for the second time, which I guess is an alright place to spend all your summers and winter breaks. 

In addition to my love for dressing like a mom and boybands, I love coffee, books, fashion, and Neymar Jr. as well. I bleed Chanel, breathe anything pug related, and my DNA is composed of sushi. I'm positive of it.
While this is a brief and quite vague summary of who I am, I know we're gonna be great friends.

Ciao for now!