Hawaiian Daze

Me: *rolls eyes when I see captions that say "Sundaze" "Beach Daze"*
Also me: *captions post with the same thing*

Hi friends!
Currently we have family visiting from California which is a perfect time to play tourist and revisit some of our favorite places in Hawaii! Yesterday, we did a tour of the north side of the island, starting with the Dole Plantation and ending with the Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm. In an effort to be more ~~~blog like~~~, I took pictures all day to create a sort of "Day in the Life" type of thing.

The Dole Pineapple Whip is HEAVEN. Although also sold at Disney, there isn't anything quite like eating some at the OG location.

Next we headed to the famous North Shore.

We stopped off at a beach on the side of the road where we saw a turtle and a shark warning sign(~~~sCaRy~~~)!
How cool is this guy.🐢
(also BYE I've never seen a shark sighting sign in real life and being stung by a jellyfish was enough for me, I'll keep my distance from the extra in Jaws)

The next stop was Shark's Cove, a cool lil snorkeling place.

We stayed for awhile before heading to get some food from a personal fave of my family's and a tourist hotspot: a shrimp truck. If you are EVER in Hawaii, I highly recommend going to one.

I also know what you're thinking, "you ate food from THAT?!?". But hey, don't knock it til ya try it folks.

 I got garlic shrimp that comes on a bed of cabbage, with rice with some garlic sauce on it and mac salad. 👌🏽

Also while trying to take pics of the wild chickens that were everywhere here (I tried my hardest to get a pic but every time I went near they ran away at full speed. Drama queens), I got a pic of this gem.

Next we ended our little touristy road trip with a stop at the Tropical Farms Macadamia Nut Farm. It was one of the first places we visited upon moving to the island the first time almost 8 years ago.
THIS chicken didn't run away from me, in fact the sassy little thing looked like it posed for the camera.

*dramatic sigh* What an eventful day. It's super cool to be able to spend my summer somewhere as beautiful as Hawaii!

Where's your favorite place to play tourist??

Ciao for now!