Confessions of an Impulse Shopaholic

*sigh* I have finally openly admitted it. I am a shopaholic. But, what's worse than me being a shopaholic? I'm an IMPULSE shopaholic. I see things, think I like it and think I'm going to get sooooo much use out of it and I buy it. Not gonna lie, most times I rarely end up wearing what I buy impulsively. I've gotten so much better with it as I've gotten older and had to use my own money to buy things. Recently, I went down to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and did a TON of shopping with my friends Chris and Grace and thought it'd be cool to show a little haul.

Most of the clothes I bought were thrifted, in all honesty. We did so much thrifting while in South Carolina and it was like heaven. I love thrifting in smaller areas than in bigger cities like DC, as you can find better pieces with character for way cheaper. I picked up this oversized Nike windbreaker from Goodwill and this trench coat from a local thrift store. Out of all the things I thrifted, the trench coat was the most expensive at only $8.
All of the tops but one came from a thrift store! I bought pieces I saw myself being able to wear in the fall and winter. Some of my favorite pickups from thrifting were the silk items I got! Silk and velvet are everywhere right now and I would definitely check out a local thrift store before buying one from a fast fashion store. I got two 100% silk shirts for about $5 a piece and a silk dress for $1!
The two middle shirts are an oversized flannel and plain black shirt, both great for layering.
Along with the silk dress, I got three mock neck tops that I'm super excited to style. Again, try checking your local thrift store before dishing out lots of money for mock or turtlenecks! Lots of times you'll find them cheaper and better quality. 
The fuzzy sweater farthest to the left is actually vintage Express, the middle one is a cream blouse, and the tank top on the right is actually brand new from Pacsun. Like I said, most not all of the pieces were thrifted.

I'm really happy with all the pants and skirts I got. The first pair of jeans are from Pacsun. I got a light high-waisted pair as most of my jeans are dark denim and black and I wanted something new. The second pair are a blue pair from Hollister that I actually thrifted for around $4. The third pair are a pair of dark blue jeans that I actually already own. Oops. (stick to what you know, right?) The last pair are my favorite out of them all. They're a thrifted pair of Ralph Lauren jeans that were only $6. I'm still figuring out how to style them as every time I wear them I have to roll them up and then I feel like a greaser.

The next two pairs were both bought at the Tanger Outlets. The Adidas pants were originally $40 and I got them on sale for $5 and the Nike pants were originally $95 and I picked them up for $13. I love being a #clearancequeen. Both pants will be great for doing nothing working out.
The two skirts I got are not thrifted or new but from an app called Depop where people sell their old clothes. The navy skirt is American Apparel and the black skirt is from & Other Stories (which is coming soon to Georgetown and I'm STOKED). I got them both for a total of $14!

I got all three of these scarves from a small thrift store in Hilton Head. I've styled them all as skinny scarves and I got them for $1-2 a piece which is awesome as the ones I wanted from Zara and Asos all started around $10-15,
Last but certainly not least, I got some shoes. Neither are thrifted (how nice would that have been), but the oxfords are from the Nine West outlet (and are so freaking comfortable) and I got them for $20 and the Sam Edelman slip-ons are from Marshalls for $7.50!!

You would think that I would be done shopping for the year, right? No. I have a couple more things I want to purchase before the year ends. I've had my eye on these Balenciaga boots for awhile now, but alas I do not have Balenciaga money so I've been on the hunt for a knockoff look a like. I think I may just get a pair of Doc Martens and pretend I'm wearing couture. I also want some over the knee boots and I've been eyeing Acne jeans for over a year now, buuuuuut I'm cheap and I can already see my mom's disapproving look right now.

What's your favorite thing you've bought as of recently??

Ciao for now!

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