Hair Care

October 25, 2016

Hi friends, I hope you're all doing well!!

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Today we are going to talk about one of the most important things in life: hair. As someone who has literally had hair their entire life (came out the womb with a head full of jet black straight hair), my hair and how I care for it has certainly been a topic of discussion for me. For those of you who don't know, I have naturally dark brown, tight curly hair. And a lot of it. Before we get too far into this, let me answer a few FAQ's:
  • I am half black, half Mexican
  • My hair type is a mixture of 3B and 3C
  • My hair is super thin, not thick contrary to popular belief
  • I have never permed or relaxed it
  • I straighten it occasionally and yes it takes me a long time to do so
  • Yes if you continue to pull on the curls and release them they will spring back up (ahem, the boy who sat next to me in chemistry in high school)
  • Yes it is soft enough to use as a pillow😜
lol @ bby syd
Growing up I never paid too much attention to my hair as my mom always did it for me. I was never much of a hair person as a child (never a girl to sit in class and willing want to play or braid others' hair). It was when I was in the 6th grade that I really had to start actually caring for it. My mom told me I was old enough to start doing my own hair for school and so as a result I did the only hairstyle I knew how to do: a ponytail. And for the next three years of my life I walked out the house everyday with my hair smoothed back with LA Looks gel and a crunchy curly ponytail. How tragic.

I decided my freshman year to ditch the ponytail and attempt to wear my hair out. By the end of the year I had managed to actually make it look presentable. Who knew (lol in all honesty not me). Fast forward to my junior year of high school when I had this random thought of "hey I should cut all my hair off". So I did. (It was approximately mid back before the chop)
whos mans is this smh
Now as a sophomore in college I'm still growing my hair out from then. From lots of trial and error, I've figured out what works for my hair and what doesn't work. Here's what my "routine" consists of (routine in quotations due to the fact that it changes so often):
  • I co-wash once a week using whatever I have on hand. (I'm currently using this). I then condition also with whatever I have on hand. (this or this), and then I deep condition using this Pantene one or this Aussie one. While in the shower I comb through my hair with conditioner in it with a wide toothed comb and always make sure my final rinse is with cold water. 
  • For styling products I'm currently using this Cantu leave-in.
  • I air dry or diffuse, but only do the latter when it's 100% necessary.
  • I only shampoo my hair once a month or so.
Since my hair is thin it's not as high maintenance as some of my other curly haired friends. I rarely straighten it as it takes me forever to do so and I simply prefer my curly hair!
it me this past summer! 
(I know the two hair lengths might not look much different but that's what shrinkage will do to ya)

Here are some of my favorite products:
Gels (mainly used for when I want my hair slicked back or I use a little if I reeaaaaallly need extra hold):
I also use a satin pillowcase when I sleep. If you have any suggestions or products you think I'd like, please leave them in the comments below!!!

Ciao for now!
spooki syd

Style Tips 101

October 7, 2016

"Fashions fade, style is eternal" is perhaps one of the most famous quotes in the fashion world. And Yves Saint Laurent was right. Fashions fade and what's in for the season fade but your personal style will last you. This is one of the things I try to keep in mind when I'm shopping or buying trendy pieces that I won't like in a few months. Here are some of my personal style tips, not just for shopping but in general:

1. Style is Subjective
Whether it's chic, boho, hipster, preppy or southern preppy, find what really speaks to you. Style is truly in the eye of the beholder. While you should find what works for you and what doesn't you shouldn't let that define you. Take inspiration from everywhere and let that influence your outfits. If you typically dress classy don't be discouraged if you want to dress boho sometimes. Life is all about variety. 

2. Quality Over Quantity
Probably one of the most cliché quotes of all time, but very much so true. My mom has instilled quite a few style tips in me and one of them was that quality goes a long way. The three things I always buy quality versions of are perfume, purses, and shoes. Alas, those three things are also the things I have the least of in my closet. My junior year of high school I was gifted with Chanel perfume and a Dooney and Burke wallet. I still have both to this day and the wallet is practically in excellent condition and the perfume is almost gone but has lasted me awhile. Quality products will always last longer but that doesn't mean you have to break the bank, which leads me to my next tip.

3. Quality ≠ Expensive
Okay, this is coming from a girl whose kryptonite is anything designer. If my closet could be filled with Opening Ceremony and Rodarte, trust me it would be. Generally the quality things I buy are designer but that's not always the case. Don't get hung up on the brand name or where it came from. I've seen things that are quality from Express, Topshop, ASOS, Zara, Nastygal etc. Sometimes it's not the store it came from but rather the quality of the garment. 

4. Get Creative!
There's no need to go out and buy an entirely new wardrobe if you want to change up your style. Go to your closet and think of new ways to wear your clothes. If you normally only wear button ups as buttons ups, try to wear it as outwear or belt it and wear it as a dress if it's long enough. Most times I find that it's not that I don't have anything to wear but I'm just lacking creativity. 

5. Be Different
Here's a little Story time with Syd Syd: I really found my love for fashion and decided that was what I wanted to do when I was in my junior year of high school. I wanted a new purse but I had no money so my mom gave me her gently used two toned mustard yellow purse from Aldo (another example of how quality does not mean expensive). It had a shoulder strap so I could carry it that way, cross body, or as an actual handbag. When I carried it to school my friends laughed at me as they said it was weird, too big, this and that and it made me a little self conscious when I carried it. We went on a school band trip and a bunch of moms on the trip stopped me and asked where I got my purse from because they loved it. Some of them being the moms of my friends who laughed at me. True story. I realized that the reason my friends laughed at me wasn't because my purse was ugly or anything, but because it was different. The moral here is to not let what others think of you and your decisions influence what you do. Someone wise once said "We don't need no hateration, holleration in this dancerie". Do you boo. 

What are your favorite style tips?

Ciao for now!
spooki syd👻

Fall Faves

October 1, 2016

Ah, fall. What a time to be spooki. The minute I feel a chill around the September time frame I feel like the guy with the pumpkin head on.
So spooki.

Fall is my favorite season for many reasons including the fashion, beauty products, weather, and accustomed flavors and smells. What better way to start off this spooki season than with some of my favorite things and a lil giveaway?

Many of my fall favorites were mentioned in my Thrift Post, so I'm not going to repeat them but share some of the things I've had my eye on.

I've kept a close watch on these boots from Asos. They seem to be knockoff similar to the Stuart Weitzman ones.

I also really love the Esprit by Opening Ceremony collection. Let's be real though, I'd give a kidney to that brand; I'm obsessed with anything they come out with.

My favorite fall beauty products for fall are dark lips (like most people). My favorite ones of the month have been these ones from Colourpop
L to R: Notion, Love Bug, Prim, Lost, Frick N Frack, Tansy, Chateau
I've also really been loving this combo as well, it's the NYX SML in Transylvania topped off with Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss in Black Cherry

And also this Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in Persimmon (it's described as a reddish coral on the website, but it's a true orange on my skin tone).

I created a little playlist of some songs I've been enjoying as of recently. We can call it a Spooki-list instead of a playlist amirite?? Shoot me some recommendations if you have anything you think I'd like

Film & Books:
My favorite movie of all time, Breakfast At Tiffany's, is back on Netflix this month so I'll definitely be watching that a good deal. I recently bought Capture Your Style by popular blogger Aimee Song and I 150% recommend it, especially if you're into strategic Instagram posting like myself (future PR girl problems).

Random Faves:
HARRY STYLES' MAGAZINE COVERS AND SPREAD FOR ANOTHER MAN (I told myself to not be dramatic about this and it literally was not possible for me to do so)

Opening Ceremony, Proenza Schouler, and Rodarte's SS17 NYFW collections

Niall Horan's new single

What are your favorite fall things??

Ciao for now,
spooki syd!👻