Fashion Friday: Fave Style Icons

Hi friends, I hope you're all doing well!

Recently I've been thinking of new ways to spruce up the blog and to consistently put content out. After some thought, I've come up with a new series for the blog: Fashion Friday. Fashion Friday will be a weekly series where I discuss occurring events in the fashion world, my favorite brands, current trends, etc.. For the first post in the series I will be discussing some of my favorite style icons!!! I try to always take inspiration from everywhere and not limit myself to dressing one certain way. I feel that dressing myself is way more fun when I don't have to restrain from wearing certain things.

1. Miranda Kerr
My mom. The OG Queen. I've honestly been in love with Miranda since the seventh grade. I don't think there's been an outfit she's worn that I have disliked. I love how she can look so edgy and sexy and causal and classy ALL AT THE SAME TIME. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to her :').

2. Alexa Chung
Isn't she on everyone's list let's be real??? No matter what she does, it's done effortlessly and cool. She has amazing street style. I highly recommend anyone interested in fashion in general should check out Alexa's series on British Vogue: The Future of Fashion.

3. Imaan Hammam
Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but she constantly looks effortlessly chic. I love the versatility of her outfits and how freaking precious she is in general.

4. Harry Styles
Is anyone actually surprised by this? My ethereal angel face boy. I would literally leave my mans for Harry. Anyways, apart from the fact that I'm utterly obsessed with H, he actually has looks. From his band shirts to wild printed dress shirts to him wearing Saint Laurent. I'm in love with it all.

I definitely have other style icons and inspirations than this, including people I actually know personally!

Who or what is your fashion inspiration? What do you think of Fashion Friday? Let me know in the comments below!

Ciao for now!