Ain't Laurent Without Yves

February 15, 2017

Hi friends!

Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite phrases ever when someone asks about my clothes is "oh I thrifted it!". I didn't start hardcore thrifting until last summer but I'm so happy I did. I constantly find great pieces that have become staples in my wardrobe. My best find to date is my bronze corduroy Yves Saint Laurent blazer that I thrifted for $12!! (yes, you read that correctly). I got it authenticated through Authenticate First where they told me it's most likely from the late 60's/early 70's. Needless to say, I've fallen in love with it.

Ciao for now,

OOTD: Day in Dupont Circle

February 13, 2017

Hi friends!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Monday so far. Recently my friend Chris and I ventured out into Dupont Circle, a Northwest D.C. neighborhood. Dupont is incredibly charming and has so much character. All the outfit details will be listed down below!

Sweater: Forever 21 (similar) Jeans: Pacsun Trench Coat: Thrifted (similar) Heels: Target (similar)

See ya Wednesday with a new post!

Ciao for now,

January Favorites

February 8, 2017

Hi friends!

I hope you're all doing well. 😊 School is back in full swing and I feel like I'm SO busy. I have so much work for each class that I wasn't even sure I'd get the time to write this (umm who told my French literature professor it was okay to assign over 100 pages of reading for the next class). I actually sacrificed my nap time to write this blog post, so please keep your thoughts and prayers with my family and myself at this difficult time.

Here are some things I've loved in the month of January:

1. How to be Parisian Wherever You Are: Love, Style, and Bad Habits
Seriously the cutest, cheekiest book I've read as of lately (says the girl who calls everything cute and cheeky). The book offers tips from real Parisians on things such as how to dress, throw a dinner party, raise children, and even actual French recipes. I felt like I was in Paris with a glass of Pinot Noir every time I  picked up this book.

2. Black Mock Neck Sweater
I feel like I'm married to the color black and am having an affair with anything turtle/mock neck related. So what more could I ask for when you combine the two? I got my black mock neck from a thrift store for around $6, but this one from H&M looks so cozy!

3. One Potato Two Potato Seaside Salt'n Vinegar
Salt and vinegar chips are some of my favorite chips, so I was surprised when I realized I had never tried out this brand's before. I always saw them while in line for Starbucks but never actually tried them until my best friend Nicki came to visit me. She bought a bag and let me try some of hers, and needless to say I was blown away. Seriously the best S&V chips I've ever had. They're not too salty, not too vinegary, and even have a hint of sweetness.

4. Smashbox Iconic Photo Finish Foundation Primer
I first tried this out after I received it in a little Christmas gift box from my sister. I'm an oily gal at heart unfortunately and constantly have shine on my forehead. This primer not only helps to make my skin matte, but I feel like it makes my foundation look great as well. I like wearing this over my daily moisturizer when I don't wear makeup.

5. Nike Air Force 1's
Santa was nice enough to bring me a pair of shoes I've literally been eyeing for two years now. I seriously can't believe that this is the first pair that I have owned! I mean, I've only known the song word for word since I was 5🙄. They're seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, even over my New Balances. I often pair them with my black mock neck and some cropped or cuffed jeans on warmer days (by warmer I also mean the upper 40's).

What have you been loving in the month of January?

Ciao for now!

28 Things to Fall in Love with in February

February 1, 2017

Hi friends!

I hope you're all doing well, happy February! First, there are a few changes to the blog. I FINALLY bought my domain name! It was a very happy day in my little Manhattan penthouse (not really where I live but I like to pretend). Also, I give the blog a facelift and a new name. New year, new me AMIRITE.

Now onto the good stuff. February is such a wonderful month, lots of red and pink and those really good cookies you buy from the grocery store (you ALL know what I'm talking about). While you should always spread love no matter what month of the year it is, here are 28 things you can fall in love with in the month of February:

1. Harry Styles. Need I say more? Today's babe's birthday and the most important birthday of the month (my sister and brother's birthdays fall somewhere behind H's)

2. Thai food (sometimes I really forget how much I love it smh)

3. New makeup brushes

4. A comfy sweater (I have my eyes on this one at the moment, it's currently on sale too)

5. A new book

6. Helping others (volunteer, donate, etc.)

7. Red and pink fruits and veggies

8. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, HELLO. Please take time to fall in love with one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Schedule plus live links can be found here.

9. Rebelde. Confession: anyone who knows me I have been obsessed with this telenovela. Do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix. 

10. A local cafe (support your local coffee shops!)

11. Donuts

12. These $10 Konfetti mugs

13. A new pair of Calvins (or better yet, do the By Appointment with my babe Raf)

14. A new mascara (here's the one I'm loving currently)

15. My favorite J. Balvin song of the moment

16. Milk Makeup

17. J.Crew x New Balance

18. Pugs

19. Georgetown opening of & Other Stories on the 3rd

20. Alicia Vikander (the love of my life)

21. This pink Longchamp

22. Rose gold colored everything

23. Waffles

24. Red velvet pancakes

25. Homesick Candles

26. Ladurée Macarons

27. French poem book

28. Yourself (spend some alone time this month)

I hope you all have a fabulous February and I'll see ya soon!

Ciao for now!