28 Things to Fall in Love with in February

Hi friends!

I hope you're all doing well, happy February! First, there are a few changes to the blog. I FINALLY bought my domain name! It was a very happy day in my little Manhattan penthouse (not really where I live but I like to pretend). Also, I give the blog a facelift and a new name. New year, new me AMIRITE.

Now onto the good stuff. February is such a wonderful month, lots of red and pink and those really good cookies you buy from the grocery store (you ALL know what I'm talking about). While you should always spread love no matter what month of the year it is, here are 28 things you can fall in love with in the month of February:

1. Harry Styles. Need I say more? Today's babe's birthday and the most important birthday of the month (my sister and brother's birthdays fall somewhere behind H's)

2. Thai food (sometimes I really forget how much I love it smh)

3. New makeup brushes

4. A comfy sweater (I have my eyes on this one at the moment, it's currently on sale too)

5. A new book

6. Helping others (volunteer, donate, etc.)

7. Red and pink fruits and veggies

8. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, HELLO. Please take time to fall in love with one of the biggest fashion events of the year. Schedule plus live links can be found here.

9. Rebelde. Confession: anyone who knows me I have been obsessed with this telenovela. Do yourself a favor and watch it on Netflix. 

10. A local cafe (support your local coffee shops!)

11. Donuts

12. These $10 Konfetti mugs

13. A new pair of Calvins (or better yet, do the By Appointment with my babe Raf)

14. A new mascara (here's the one I'm loving currently)

15. My favorite J. Balvin song of the moment

16. Milk Makeup

17. J.Crew x New Balance

18. Pugs

19. Georgetown opening of & Other Stories on the 3rd

20. Alicia Vikander (the love of my life)

21. This pink Longchamp

22. Rose gold colored everything

23. Waffles

24. Red velvet pancakes

25. Homesick Candles

26. LadurĂ©e Macarons

27. French poem book

28. Yourself (spend some alone time this month)

I hope you all have a fabulous February and I'll see ya soon!

Ciao for now!