Hi friends!

I hope you're all doing well! Organization is something that has NEVER come naturally to me unfortunately. I wish all my drawers and notebooks were nice and neat, but alas they are not. I really have to try and take that extra step to be organized, but when I do it's amazing. I always feel more productive and inspired when everything has a place. I'm definitely a perfectionist but you would never guess that if you opened up my desk drawer. Here are some of my favorite tips to be organized:

Get a planner.
I never started to use a planner until I got to college and I now wonder how the heck I graduated high school without one?! My little black planner never leaves my side. Whether I carry a backpack, tote bag (I alternate school bags depending on my outfit, incredibly extra oops), or my purse, my planner is right there. I right down everything from homework due dates, meetings, tests, coffee dates, work schedule, etc.. I would be way more scatterbrained than I already am without it.

Okay, real G talk right here. I am a packrat. I have SUCH a hard time getting rid of things and I don't know why. It takes a lot out of me to sit down and throw stuff away as it's so much easier to just pretend it doesn't exist. I constantly feel like the Kermit meme when it comes to throwing things out.

Me: "wow it's time to throw out these papers"
Me to me: "but what if someone asks you about that paper you wrote in the sixth grade and you no longer have it for proof???'
I spent more time making a meme of myself than I did writing this entire post.

Decluttering not only helps with downsizing but allows for more room for stuff you actually need. If you haven't touched/looked at it in a month, throw it out.

Form good habits.
Make it a routine to clean a certain day of the week, wash clothes on a certain day, or even start packing your bag the night before. Some things I try to do on a daily basis include making my bed every morning before I leave for class, pick out my clothes for the next day, and be sure I put all my clothes are hung up or folded as they should be (which is a rare sight but I'm trying so hard!).

What are some of your favorite organization tips??

Ciao for now,