Year in Blogging Review + Life Update

Hi friends!

Around last time this year I sat in the library thinking to myself, "I'm going to do it. I'm going to start a blog." I told myself that I would blog about anything and everything, whatever came to my mind I would put down on this little website. Fast forward a year and many entries later and I'm proud of what I have accomplished with this little blog. I may not blog every day, week, or even month, but when I do blog I make sure I put my best foot forward. For me, it does not matter if I get one view or 100,000 views on my blog if the content I produce is not genuine and true to myself. However, I do want to post more, so expect more from me in the summer. Happy one year little blog.

Now that I've finished my sappy little bit at the top, I want to share some fun things with you all! This school year has definitely been one to remember. It was filled with highs and lows, whether it was meeting one of my favorite fashion bloggers or sitting in the library at 3am watching Carrie Underwood's American Idol audition and realizing I had accomplished no school work (what can I say, "Before He Cheats" is a bop). I was lucky enough to serve as the Co-Blogger with my dear friend Cat for my university's chapter of Society of Professional Journalists. Being on the e-board for this chapter has brought me so many friends, memories, and people to network with. I was lucky enough to be elected to serve as Vice-President of SPJ for the 2017-2018 school year! How cool! You'd think being elected the Vice-President was enough work for me, right? No. I ran for Social Media Manager for my university's chapter of Public Relations Student Society of America and got it! I'm excited to head into a busy, yet already promising fall semester full with 18 credits and two e-board positions.

Now for my favorite news of all: I GOT A SUMMER INTERNSHIP! After countless emails sent to public relation firms and then an interview, I will be spending my summer as a pr intern in Honolulu! I have decided to not disclose the name of the firm for privacy reasons, but I am so excited. Be on the lookout for a post going into detail of how I secured my internship.

Needless to say, this has been a busy semester and I'm heading into a busy summer as well. I have a couple post ideas lined up for the month of May and have plans to not be M.I.A. on the blog this summer. Let's toast to many more years of District Sydney and lots of future success to us all!

All the love,